Rusted Places

2017 - Present

This is an ongoing collection of works focused on technique. I explore several themes and subjects in my work; abandoned places, self portraits and collaborations with models. This particular collection of work is focused on abandoned locations. The printing technique is a slow and somewhat tedious process to achive warm tones, grain and texture that I find complimentary to many of my subjects. 

Effects are achieved by using different papers, dilutions of chemistry, exposure, development timing and temperature adjustments. I’ve created a technique I like to call “celestialization” which creates the star-like effects on the paper. This technique is very experimental as I have little control of the end results. While I am capable of printing multiply copies of each photo, the variables of this printing process lend each print to it’s own set of variations and imperfections.

The majority of these prints are sized 7x9 on 8x10 paper. 

Places near and far from home.