What kind of camera do you use?

That is not an easy question because I use many cameras. It depends on what I am shooting. I have several Polaroid SX-70 cameras that I use for all of my 600/SX-70 shots. I also use several Spectras to shoot Spectra film. For packfilm, I mostly use a Polaroid 250 for exploring and a converted 110a for portraits. Most recently, I've been primarily using a Pentax 6x7 for color and black and white, in addition to printing in my darkroom. Occasionally I shoot Nikon digital as well.

How do you achieve those effects?

Sometimes, it's just the nature and characteristics of a particular film. I did my best stocking up on Polaroid film before they announced discontinuation. Film gets old and the chemicals begin to dry, causing some interesting effects. I also abuse and manipulate film; before, during or after development. I use chemicals, heat, light to do this. I've learned a lot by reading about old photographic processes, experimenting in the darkroom, and through trial and error.

Will you tell me the location of this abandoned building?

Probably not. The only time I reveal the name or location of a place is when it is demolished. When locations are made easily accessible online, it opens up the door for anyone to visit. This often leads to an increase in vandalism, and security. I have never intentionally broken anything or vandalize at any location. When people do this and get caught, it makes us all look bad. While these places will not be around forever, I'd much rather see them fall apart in the hands of mother nature.

Where did you go to school?

I've been accepted to SVA, MICA, MASSART, MCAD but ultimately decided school was not for me. Instead, I decided to travel and invest money in photography equipment and supplies.

Can I share your images for my blog?

Yes. However, please do not alter them and be sure to credit me! I spend a lot of time and money on what I do!