Group Exhibits:

Years Mean Nothing; 2012

Solo Exhibitions:

2019: Steven Amedee Gallery; Silver Gelatin and Polaroid Prints, NYC, NY

Group Exhibitions:

2006; DeviantART Presents, Sonar, Baltimore, MD
2008; La Galerie Contraste, Nantes, France
2009; Le G62, Bordeaux, France
2010; The Impossible Collection, NYC, NY
2010; Le Bocal, Lyon, France
2012; Area 405 - Slideluck Potshow, Baltimore, MD
2012: The Impossible Project “Momentum”, NYC, NY
2012: Years Mean Nothing, Carlheim Mansion, Leesburg, VA
2012: Good Light, Current Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2012; Kickplate Project, Wales, U.K.
2013; Slideluck Potshow, Columbia, SC
2015; Streit House Space, Poughkeepsie, NY
2015; Unfriendly Skies - Goucher College, Baltimore, MD
2017/2018; Fotofilmic - Pulp Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2018; The Male Gaze, Gallery 1 of 1, Seattle, WA


2008; Sunstone Magazine; Issue 151, Salt Lake City, Utah
2008; The Most Dangerous Race; “Arc” Album Art & T-Shirt, Chicago, IL
2009; Tickl Magazine, Vienna, Austria
2009; “Covers EP” 10” Vinyl by Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA
2009; “Deathbook”, nEgoist, Berlin, DE
2009; “Cannibal EP” 12” Vinyl by Fan Death, Vancouver, BC
2010; “How to be a Child and Win the War” CD by Electric Litany, Patras, Greece
2010; “Take A Bow” 12” Vinyl, CD by Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA
2010; Design Bureau Magazine, Issue 3, Chicago, IL
2010; “Into the Mystic” Single, Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA
2011; “Foxfeel” CD by Forks of Ivy, Baltimore, MD
2011; Feast of the Epiphany/ Rumination - Split Cassette, Baltimore,MD
2012; “Solitude” 12” Vinyl by Feast of the Epiphany - Baltimore,MD
2012; “Landline” 12 Vinyl & Cd by Greg Laswell - Sandiego, CA
2012; “Xaha” 12” vinyl, cd by Mr. Moccasin - Baltimore,MD
2012; “Bleek Records Compilation” CD by Bleek Records - Baltimore, MD
2014; “I Was Going to be an Astronaut” Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA
2015; "Half Year" zine, Streit House Space
2015; "Sacred521" album, Naked Roots Conducive, Brooklyn, NY
2015; "She is Me" album & shirt, Natural Velvet, Baltimore, MD
2015; "Dodged a Bullet" Single, Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA
2015; "Lifetime Ago" Single, Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA
2015; Abandoned Asylums, Impossible Project Magazine
2015; Q&A: Expired Eight, Pryme Editions
2015; Ghosts and Peel-Aparts, Onlfilm.Photo
2016; "Everyone thinks I Dodged a Bullet" Album & Poster, Greg Laswell, San Diego, CA.
2016; Newspaper ; Volume 5 Number 1, New York, NY
2018; Half Year Zine; Streithouse Space, Poughkeepsie, NY
2018; Pryme Annual Journal Book
2018; Polaroid: The Missing Manual, Thames & Hudson